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How many times a week do you cook?

  • I cook 2-3 times a week, rest of the time we have left-overs and we get takeout 1x week. I know moms who cook more often than this but I find this exhausting, to be honest. Coming up with ideas for what to make, spending time doing it (which often means 11pm)... but I also like to cook and love knowing that my family eats great home-made meals. Am I just a perfection-crazy mom?

    How often do you cook? Do you like it?
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  • I absolutely love to cook, but I'm with you -- it is exhausting to plan those meals and finding the time to do it is really rough some weeks. I try to do alot of cooking on the weekends and make enough for some GOOD leftovers during the week. With that I usually cook 2-3 meals during the week.

    I'd love any tips anyone may have to make it easier to cook during the week!
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  • Oh, good, not just me. Thing is, like you said, I love to cook -- just not ALL. THE. TIME.

    I've been using the slow cooker a bunch and it helps -- I got the William Sonoma recipe book for slow cookers and have made some great stuff that lasts. Also, Chris at Ordering Disorder blog here -- have you checked it out? -- has some great crock pot recipes.

    But I still dread it.
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  • I cook at least 4 times per week - sometimes all 7 days! My meals aren't gourmet or always even healthy. And I don't usually enjoy cooking. We just can't afford to eat out and I usually bring leftovers for lunch. The nights I don't cook, my husband cooks. I wish he would cook more often since he's home all day. But instead most nights I get home by 5:45, cook dinner (usually 30-45 minutes) and then eat. We're still done by 6:30 most nights.

    As I said, most my meals aren't exactly "healthy". At least once a week we have Hamburger Helper. Tonight we're having chicken tenders and a pasta side. My least favorite thing about cooking every night is the fact that there are ALWAYS dishes to be washed.
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  • Probably 1, on average. My husband will cook another 1-2 times, too. We'll eat out at least 1 time, probably 2. Then there is frozen pizza night. I'm also a huge fan of FFY - fend for yourself night. This is when you can choose spaghettio's, chicken nuggets, cereal, leftovers, waffles, ramen noodles. . . whatever delicious fare is available!

    Jenni - healthy or not, I'm also a Hamburger Helper mom! Lately it's been more Tuna helper, since you don't even have to cook the meat. . .
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  • It all depends on the week! I love to cook, but it too exhausts me.

    My husband is dieting now, which takes off the burden "to cook" . . .

    Typically, I cook all of our evening meals - about half of them are 'cheat-meals' meaning a packaged portion that I add meat to, or what have you.

    I do enjoy doing frozen dinners myself at home once a month or so and then I end up with 20-30 frozen meals that are home-cooked . . . I'd be happy to email any of you the recipes if you want them!!
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  • I cook every day. EVERY day. And I'm not fond of it. This week I'm experimenting with the cooking...I made every meal for the week, either fully cooked or assembled, and it went into the fridge or freezer. So far I'm loving it and we're only 3 days in. And it really only took a 5 minute brain storm w/ hubby to see what he wanted to eat this week and a couple of hours in the kitched. That sooo beat an hour every night of cooking and cleaning!
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  • I cook at least 4 or 5 days out of the week. Most of the time I cook all 7 days. I love to cook. My family is so use to it that they get disappointed when I don't
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  • I envy all of you.

    I wish I could/would more often. On average I cook just once a week. I hope to change that as my 10 month gets older... but I'm not confident it will.

    I just find the planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning up exhausting. Especially since the actual eating is hurried with a 10 month old nearby. So, what's the point of creating a great mean (not that I even can), to have to gobble it down?

    Any tips for making the whole process easier? I feel hopeless.
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  • All 7 days of the week! I will be glad when I go back to work so we can eat out once in a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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