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I have made work flexible to fit my familiy I will show you the way!!!

  • I will share my story if intersted and coach you thru send me a post

    Have a beautifully blessed day!!!!!
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  • What do you do?
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  • I am a IBO thru Ameriplan and this month it is only 25.00 to opt into the buisness I am doing very well due to the sad fact a lot of people have been layed off and no longer have medical insurance it is a discount medical and dental plan that is affordable and great for people who do not have insurance. I have targeted small town drugstores and chiropractic offices they become IBO underneath me and I help them with the paperwork and wala!!! I have residual income coming in there are many avenues you may take, it's great and easy because it is not a product it is a nessesary service that most of this country needs and can afford. My minister also has signed up and we offer it to members who are in need of medical or dental plans. I am a single mom and do it all from home so I don't miss a thing from my childrens day. I will share more if you like and direct you to my sight if you would like to view. and I will support and coach you thru everything. Let me know and I will send you the sight. I also have two other custom design accessory buisness that I run, which if direct people thru the site i will pay you a commission for doing so or you create points for orders and recieve accessories free. Would love to speak with you you can call me (918)282-8219 if you like.

    Have a blessed day and take care.
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  • Hello,

    I stopped wasting time working a traditional job. It seemed the bosses made all the money & I made all the sacrifices! Two years ago I changed all that and started working FOR MYSELF, FROM HOME.

    I work when I want to. I have no direct selling. no product inventories. no organizing parties. I have an awesome support team who gave me the training and information necessary for my success. There was absolutely NO RISK. I can teach anyone to do the same and work right along with you!

    If you have an interest to find out more, please go to our website and request information from there by clicking on “Hitch your Wagon to a Star”.

    I only needed a computer with Internet access and a can-do attitude!
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