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What do you use for childcare and how much does it cost per week?

  • When I used to work full-time, I took my daughter to a licensed in-home daycare next to my office for - get this - $100 a week. Yeah, it was less than $2 an hour - she was there generally from 7:30/8 to 6/6:30 - and I had every intention of taking her baby sister there with her when I returned to work. Even at $200 a week it was a total bargain for 2 kids. I had no idea how good I had it!

    For various reasons I won't get into here, we moved after the birth of our second daughter and I therefore left that job as well as that in-home daycare. In my new town, I'm finding that I would spend around $600 a week to send both my girls to daycare full-time. At that rate, why not get a nanny? I decided not to return to full-time employment for the time being - the cost of childcare being a major factor in that decision.

    So, I'm curious. What do you use for childcare and how much does it cost per week (total or per child)? How did you find your childcare provider? Also, how happy are you with your arrangement? I loved mine - my daughter was in a home environment with other kids her age, and I could even visit her on my lunch break!
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  • We currently spend $230 for 2 kids, to go to daycare M,T,W.

    It is an in home daycare located about 5 minutes from our house. Our daycare provider is a wonderful woman and the kids LOVE going to her house to play with their friends. Three years ago, when we were looking for daycare, we did drive bys to check out the homes- to check the neighborhood, check the house, etc. If it was dumpy, I didn't bother calling/interviewing. There weren't a lot to choose from at the time-

    I do remember interviewing one potential daycare provider- we walked in, she looked at my daughter (who was a babe at the time), and said "so, she's how old?" and then proceeded to give her "schpeel". The daycare area of the house was BORING and she was cold. The next woman we interviewed looked at our daughter and "oh she is beautiful, do you mind if I hold her" and on and on and on. We knew right then that she was the provider for us. Her daycare area was FUN and educational- books and activities and songs, etc. The only downside, at the time, was that she only did daycare M,T,W. Now I am more than happy to only work outside the home on M,T,and W.


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  • Sounds like a great setup, earthmama. I know the feeling when you just know that a person will be great with your kids. Isn't it strange that someone who you describe as boring and cold would choose childcare as her profession??

    Thanks for sharing!
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  • That is strange! Scary thought- maybe she's only in it for the money!! I am so glad we never chose her...
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  • My daughter has 2 1/2 year old quadruplets and an older son who is 3 1/2 (gonna be 4 in July). She has 2 "work at home" jobs plus finishing her college degree online. Her husband is co-owner of one of the businesses (web hosting/development) and they also have a "bee farm" currently with 50 bee hives. They could NOT afford daycare for 5 children under the age of 4! There are family members who come to her house to help out in the mornings, from 8 - 1:30 (nap time for all kids), but after naptime until bedtime (8 pm for quads, 9 pm for big brother) they're on their own. My daughter packs in as much "work" as she can during the afternoon nap "quiet time", then after all the kids are in bed, they work until around midnight. Way to exhausting for me, but it's the ONLY way they can get their work done. She has a blog where she can rant and rave, then get back to work! To me she is a "wonder woman!"
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  • Oh my gosh, your daughter is my hero! I can NOT imagine what life must like in that household. Actually, I can - now that I've read her blog. And I commend her! I don't know how she does it.

    I don't know if something like this would fit their budget, but have they ever considered hosting an au pair to help out with the 5 of those precious bundles? Maybe a family of 7 doesn't actually have any extra bedrooms, but it's just a thought! The cost is roughly $325 a week for up to 45 hours of childcare (and that's per family, not per child). The nice part is, the hours are completely flexible so the au pair would be able to help out whenever needed, ie. the after nap till 8/9pm time frame when they're on their own, plus weekends too, as long as the au pair has one full weekend off per month.

    It sounds like the extra help would come in handy to them! If your daughter would like to know more about the program, please have her contact me at [email protected]
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  • Hadn't thought about an au pair, although I've known a few people who have had an au pair from time to time. The downside of having an au pair is that my daughter has a 3 bedroom/2 bath house out in the "country" on ten acres. They bought the house before they knew they'd be having quads. They had to do a sun room / playroom addition before the quads started to walk, as their house had NO room for them to play.

    I will give her your information - thanks for passing it along to me.
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  • Our daycare is by the month and it's $655 per month, which comes to about $167 per week per child. However, there is a registration fee each year. The registration for babies is only $185 per year. As they get older, however, the registration goes up alot but the monthly payment goes down. From what I understand from my friends in other states, this is one of the cheapest monthly prices for the quality of care and learning that he receives. Most of my friends, even in small towns, pay a lot more. The only downside is that they are closed for teacher's workdays and they close promptly at 5pm, not 6 or 7pm so my job had to be accomodating as this was the only worthwhile place where I live. There were places much cheaper than this but I would never leave my son there.
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  • Quoting: Sarah Doyle
    The downside of having an au pair is that my daughter has a 3 bedroom/2 bath house out in the "country" on ten acres.

    I figured space would be at a premium in their house. Oh well, maybe if they build another addition!
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  • Quoting: oceans mom
    Our daycare is by the month and it's $655 per month, which comes to about $167 per week per child.

    That sounds pretty darn reasonable. Most of what I've been seeing is about twice that.

    Isn't it funny how the term "you get what you pay for" really doesn't seem to apply in childcare? I mean, my $100/week in-home daycare was fabulous! Then I hear about a pricey daycare facility in my area actually *losing* three children under the age of 2 - and they didn't even know they were gone! The children wandered off and were found a block away on a busy street where passersby noticed them, took them in and called the police. It took them forever to find out where they were even missing from, because the daycare staff were unaware that anyone was missing. Scary stuff.
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