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Do you talk about politics with your colleagues?

  • The last office I worked at had this unofficial policy of not discussing politics at work.. what about you? Do you feel comfortable talking about politics with your colleagues or is it discouraged at work?
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  • I like how it is here: there is no discouraging of political talk. People are free to discuss it, and for the most part, people try to be respectful of others' opinions. But people are also free to NOT discuss it. The other day, someone whose politics are diametrically (sp?) opposed to mine tried to rope me into a conversation, using sources of information that I find completely not credible (and to be blunt, despicable). So after a couple of minutes of letting him try to make his case, I realized it was hopeless to try and counter, so I said, "I'm sorry <name>, but I'm not going to debate this." And that was that! There's another person who's also my political opposite, and he is such a frequent contributor to our local paper's Op Ed page (we're the only ones in the office who live in that area) with letters that are, well, inflammatory, that people mention him by name when they write in response. We never, ever talk about it, and we remain very cordial, friendly and supportive of each other. But I do regularly rub shoulders with those in my office whose view on issues agree with mine. It's only natural. This is another reason why I lovvvve email: we can do it without bothering anyone. It'll be interesting to see if there are any flat-out arguments in the office as Election Day draws nearer and people's passion/angst over this gets more intense. - Paula.
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  • My office is highly political. We work to address the needs of working women by studying public policies in the field, fostering research on areas of concern and sponsoring educational programs for working women, policy makers, corporate leaders, students and community organizers. So discussing politics at work is actually kind of like an unofficial requirement - lol. I love being in an environment where such a dialogue is prevalent, and I have no problem sharing my honest opinion on the candidates and where I stand regarding their positions on important topics. These issues affect all of us and I believe that a healthy discussion is warranted so that people can make well informed decisions come election time.
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  • My office loves to talk about it, but the majority feel for one party and don't have a lot of patience for anyone with different beliefs. I suppose it can be that way in any group setting, though.
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  • Mine is like GGrivera's in that our work leads to political discussions (we work with children under three years old with disabilities) due to advocacy and services. Everyone is respectful.
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  • Usually, I think that this is a no-no....for a few reasons:

    1) Since I am a Black female people have certain assumptions about my political leanings. Whenever you do not fit into people's assumptions - you have the potential for making them extremely uncomfortable.

    2) Co-workers are not friends or family. Why reveal that part of yourself to them?
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  • We are not encouraged to talk politics. I guess nowadays, with all the pc talk and discrimination/harassement fears, you cannot talk about anything that would be an opinion... that's my take on it. I am french and we talk A LOT about politics everywhere...We are so PC in the US...I think..
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  • It depends on the colleague, but as a rule I certainly do not share these views in mixed company. I'm very passionate and personally don't want to be that vulnerable at work. Nor do I want anyone judging me based on my beliefs.
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  • I usually do not discuss politics at work but since Sarah Palin was nominated it is a little hard not to, I live in Alaska.
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  • I am a public school teacher. Our field is highly political by necessity. Funding for schools is all political, so many of us become involved in campaigns to get ourselves heard. It's difficult to do that when we're not supposed to discuss politics at school, but we manage. We have to. The anti-education folk have lobbyists; we must speak for ourselves and the children we serve, or no one will.
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