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What are you doing to keep heating costs down this season?

  • I've finally managed to convince my husband to put plastic up over the many windows in the house. He was already on board with turning the thermostat wa y down, and he was way ahead of me in adopting the idea of using our wood stove to heat much of the first floor (I'm still on the fence and worried about frozen pipes in the basement).

    What do you do to save on heating costs? Are you doing anything differently this year?
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  • Yea- we live in the desert- but it still gets cold- and we still use central heat. But what I do every winter is remind my husband that it is cold enough to i.e. put on socks, wear a long sleeved shirt, long pants, put a sweater on if your still cold. I'll turn on the heat if it is really cold- but this year still haven't turned it on once.(yet) Oh - of course - dress the bed for winter - one of the fun things I remember from growing-up in NJ- sleeping under 3 or 4 blankets. I can't sleep if it is too hot. I'd love to have the insulated curtains - but just a dream for this year.
    Please wrap your pipes so help them keep from freezing - out here we have too also.
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  • We keep the thermostat way down and everyone has to bundle up. Our house is old, built in 1880, and some rooms don't seem to get heat, like the ones the kids sleep in. We put the girls in the same room for many reasons but one of them being heating. We have a ceramic, electric heater that is a flat panel and is right on the wall. It's on a thermostat and timer so it's a great way for us not to have to crank the heat just so their room gets warm.

    We have fairly new windows but found out that the sides weren't properly insulated. Hubby is in the process of taking each side out (very easy) and putting low expansion foam in. Ahhh, the slight drafts have stopped.

    There are many more little things but for right now, these are the biggest.
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  • I keep my thermostat set at 66 degrees, and I keep lots of sweaters handy!
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  • We use a thermostat that allows us to schedule when the heat comes on and at what temperature. We just recently reset everything so that when we are typically not home, the heat drops down to 65. It jumps back up to about 68 when we are home. Still chilly in the house, but nothing a sweater and slippers won't fix. We hope to see a difference in our heating bill starting next month.
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  • Mostly what I'm doing right now is fainting from the high cost of heating oil. Yikes! We just moved from KY to NH. Aside from the change in climate, I'm also adjusting to different fuel types and being renters. There's not much I can do at this point. The windows are new and I'm working on putting in curtains. The thermostats are not programmable. (If we buy this house that's one of the first things to change.)

    I've heard some people set the thermostat to 50 and then use space heaters to warm the spaces they're in. I'm not sure if that's cheaper or just moving the cost from heating oil to electricity. We've got enough doors that we might be able to arrange something but right now I'm just keeping the heat a little low.

    There's nothing cozier than snuggling under heavy blankets. But getting up in the morning is rough!
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  • I have really focused on saving electricity for the last year. I have had a 44% decrease in the amount of electricity I've used since Feb of last year. I have seen at least $100 to $150 a month savings on my utility bill. Some of the things that we've changed:
    -We didn't turn on the air over the summer, instead we purchased a couple energy efficient fans that had a timer that turned off automatically.
    - I got rid of an extra refrigerator.
    -I turned the water heater down.
    -Changed all the light bulbs
    -I turned and unplugged appliances that aren't in use, especially the computer.
    - The toughest part for me has been this winter. We live in northern Wisconsin where it gets to below zero frequently. However, we have the thermostat set from 50 to 55. Last year I insulated the outside of the house and put in all new windows. Everyone has extra sweaters, slippers and blankets. It really hasn't been too bad in the house.

    All in all, it has been a learning experience for my family but when I go over my utility bill with them, they understand what the rewards can be.
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  • We have turned the thermostat down, especially in rooms that get little use. We recently turned the water heater down. I'll see how much lower my next bill is as a result. I like the idea about unplugging appliances not in use.
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