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Breastfeeding In Public

  • It seems like every article I read put a negative spin on nursing in public...they only share the horror stories. I never received one dirty look or comment. In fact, I received numerous compliments, peoples warm smiles, and yes this was even from older citizens. Anyone else want to share your positive stories on breastfeeding in public please post! We love positive stories!

    Be A Star.....Be A Breastfeeding Diva!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamadiva on 20th November 2008
  • I do it whenever, where ever, and I'm usually so busy trying to get the job done that I don't notice how anyone else is feeling about it. I also have a very squirmy girl who hate's the hooter-hider, so it's pretty likely somebody's going to see more than they bargained for if they watch for long. I don't want to know, so I don't look around for reviews.

    I read that in Washington state it's illegal to disallow breastfeeding anywhere, or to interfere with someone who is breastfeeding. It can't be considered indecent exposure, so I feel pretty confident to whip it out!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Donni on 20th November 2008
  • Donni thanks for posting your take and reminding other divas about state laws. Not every state has a law protecting them....Oklahoma does...thank you Governor Brad Henry! I have had friends who did not use any cover...they are definately breastfeeding divas! lol While I and a few others preferred privacy...I don't think they make any nursing cover wide enough for little houdinis (lol)

    Be A Star.....Be A Breastfeeding Diva!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamadiva on 20th November 2008
  • I breastfeed anywhere too and have never received any negative comments or looks. I am also very discreat though. I don't feel too comfortable letting everything hang out.
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  • In Georgia, anywhere you can eat, your baby can! I looked it up a long time ago! Anyway, I like privacy, but I do nurse in public. I use a blanket of course, and I don't get bad looks. I'll nurse in front of family, at church, wherever. If my baby is hungry, how dumb would it be to neglect her because I'm worried about what people think of me?
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