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Do you use coupons?

  • I have to confess, our family has never really used coupons. I do look for discount codes when shopping online but I am thinking we need to get a bit more disciplined about using coupons in this economy.

    What are your favorite coupon sites or strategies? Do you actually clip coupons or just use online ones?
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  • Using coupons and planning meals has really saved alot of money on our grocery bills!!! I am in the process of creating a website with money saving ideas and websites. Here's my link if you'd like to check it out!
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  • I use them when I can - just plain clipped ones. My grocery store won't accept coupons printed from websites. I'm guessing they had too many people altering them prior to using them.

    As for on-line shopping, I ALWAYS look for free shipping codes and any discount codes I can find.

    My boys' school sold Kidstuff coupon books so, we got one. I keep it in the car so that whenever we are out shopping, I can pull the coupons that might help out. With one purchase at Ann Taylor, I more than paid for the book when I used their discount coupon!
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  • You'd be surprised how much you can save with coupons, especially when they double them (some markets don't). I get JUST the Sunday newspaper (costs about $1.50 a week) and clip the coupons that come in it. I save close to $60 a week now with them!!!

    One bad thing I've noticed is sometimes I'll clip a coupon just because it's a new product and buy it because I can get a discount, and then never use it, so you have to be careful with that and only clip coupons for stuff you know you're going to use.
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  • Yes, most definitely now. In years past, we haven't been real good at using them. Husband always was funny about it. I know there were many times I sent him to the store with coupons and he "forgot" to use them. Now he even helps sort through them, and manages them while at the store. I think he has finally seen the value in coupons.
    I do have to be careful to not use too many. I have had one child leave the house and another this year. Reducing the family size, means less food.
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  • I find that so many coupons are for name brand products, often the store brand is cheaper. I only use them for products that are not generic that I use and like. Does anyone have any tips for me to get better results?
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  • i use coupons all the time i also call companies and ask for coupons luvs diapers just sent me 2 $10 off diapers and for me thats an extra 20 i dont have to spend on something my son needs. i also calculate the price per ounce of food to buy the better product it may cost more but have more in it
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  • I don't use coupons as often as I would like, but when I do, I see a difference. However, I do shop at the buy-one-get one free sales. You have to be very careful though that the prices aren't reflecting what you would have paid for two anyway!! Certain stores like Publix will actually split the price in half if only one item is purchased. I haven't run across any other stores that do that. Also, buy in bulk so that your trips to the store are less frequent. I find that if I spend the amount that I normally spend per month on bulky items, I have cut spending in half. If your family eats meats often, try going to a market where the meats are actually prepared in the store--early in the morning, the meats are often marked down.
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  • I clip coupons but I don't think I save that much on it. I tried a couple of those web sites where they're supposed to find all these deals for you, but unfortunately, most coupons and things featured on those sites are for highly processed junk food that we don't eat. I do save a lot of money, I think, by planning. I go to my store's web site (Publix) and check out all the deals and then I plan the week's menu from that plus what's good at the farmers' market. If the store has a good deal on, say, chicken breasts, I stock up and freeze. We love the two-for-one deals. I make kind of of a game of staying under budget and seeing how high I can get my savings on the receipt.
    I used to just hand write a weekly menu, but I found the cutest menu planner in one of my son's school's fundraisers at I post that on the fridge and not only are we saving money, but when I get home every night we avoid that whole "I don't know, what do you want" discussion.
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  • Here is a helpful hint to all of you that clip coupons from the sunday paper. Instead of buying sunday paper at local gas/grocery store. I buy mine at the Dollar Tree Store only a dollar. 52 weeks in a year your saving 26.00-52.00 dollars a year. Last week I bought a 1.00 paper and clipped 15.00 dollars worth of coupons and that is stuff that we actually use and not brand new products and such.
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