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Do you watch Law and Order Criminal Intent?

  • I love Eames from CI and Benson from SVU . . . and Angela Lansbury. Who is your fave female cop on TV?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by coparent on 2nd April 2009
  • I really love the Law and Orders but nothing compares to CSI for me I especially like the lady coroner.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by 8675allycat on 3rd April 2009
  • My favorite was definitely Crossing Jordan, she had that ask forgiveness not permission mentality that i admire. I saw a commercial for something else with a female cop that s'posed to be on this weekend I was going to check it out. What do you think:
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mommamojoagogo on 3rd April 2009
  • Thanks for the link Mojo, i thought the movie was ok. Not as good as an L&O marathon though. What did you think?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by coparent on 6th April 2009
  • As much as I dearly LOVE L&O et al, I also LOVE Saving Grace and The Closer. With L&O, particularly the original, I watch it and try to figure out what real life case the writers have drawn on. Considering that they use real cases to twist around, it's always been interesting to me to see what they do. I love the original CSI, partly because I used to work with the crime lab here in Va. The show has been to crime labs what Top Gun was to the Navy Fighter Pilot program or JAG was for the real JAG section of the Navy. BIG recruiting tool.

    BTW, if anyone's interested, there's a LOT of L&O fan fiction on the net. Just google the particular show and put in fan fiction with the term. Some I've read is ok, some is REALLY good, and some is yuck. Just depends on who the writer is and what you're into. At least with the fiction, they go more indepth into the characters than Wolf does.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by JKLD on 25th April 2009
  • best crime show = Criminal Minds!! i still love law & order mainly SVU and I am very disappointed in how corny the CSIs have gotten but I will watch the marathons for sure!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by jackemama on 6th July 2010

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