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New Blog Post on Organizing Play Dates as a Working Mom

  • Hi everyone,
    I’m really excited to be sharing this post on organizing play dates when you’re a working mother. Do you meet on the weekends or after school? Find out how working moms can manage their busy days and lives to organize a much-needed play date!
    Do drop by our blog on the Mommy Brings Home the Bacon website { } and read their tips and don’t forget to share your own!!
    Look forward to hearing your thoughts!
    Prerna Malik,
    Blog and Social Media Manager for Mommy Brings Home the Bacon
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MommyBringsHometheBacon on 18th July 2011
  • I had the exact same idea for a blog post! Glad to see I was on to something. It's so difficult to plan. Maybe use flex-time, holidays and definitely weekends. Those seem to be the most opportune times to meet. Good luck!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by chicworkingmom on 26th July 2011

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