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One question survey: respondents recieve free package of diapers!

  • Hello!

    My name is Julia and I work for a diaper manufacturer in Georgia. My marketing team and I have created a quick survey. This survey starts with the usual demographics questions, but is only ONE QUESTION LONG and should take you less than 5 minutes. We are trying to get at least 500 responses to this survey, and would love for it to go viral. All parents are welcome to participate-feel free to send it to as many moms and dads as you know! For this survey, we will be giving out a coupon for a free package of CVS diapers to the first 100 respondents. We ask for e-mail addresses in the survey in order for you to be entered into our list for future surveys where you will be compensated with more coupons for free diapers!

    I hope this is a fun process for you! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me personally at: [email protected]

    Survey Link:

    Thank you!
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