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Am I wrong on this?

  • I work full time, but my company offers the convenience of access to the office network for working remotely or from home. I do not believe I abuse the privilege of working from home, and when I do work from home, I really do work (this should go without saying, but I guess it doesn't for some).

    Today I ran into a last minute child care issue. After staying up until two in the morning on Thursday night working, I got a phone call at 7:00 am today (Friday) that my babysitter was sick and couldn't come. I had no back up. So, I sent a very polite e-mail (as is protocol) to the manager of my office and my direct supervisor, indicating I would be working from home due to my child care issue.

    I got an e-mail back from the manager of the office stating that she always asks parents with young children to realistically assess how much they are actually able to work from home with a small child around, and that if I found I wasn't able to actually work, I should take paid time off.

    I responded that I understood, and assured her that I would always take PTO if i felt I wasn't able to work. She responded thanks, no problem and that was that.

    But actually, I felt really, deeply offended by her e-mail. I took it as an insinuation that if I am working from home and my daughter is there, she is assuming I am not actually working, or that I am automatically unable to work. To me, she was basically accusing me of stealing company time, which I would never ever do. My integrity is of the utmost importance to me, and I work very hard at my job. When I require personal time, I take it, but I had a lot of work to get done today and I knew I was going to be working regardless, so I didn't want to use vacation time just to work any way.

    My daughter is almost two, and although she is a normal, energetic and rambunctious child, she likes to watch movies and play on her own, so I am able to work on my laptop while she entertains herself. I do in fact work. And today, I was especially productive.

    Am I wrong to be offended by this? Am I reading too much in? I just feel that my competence and my commitment are being questioned here. I had a child care emergency and I had no other choice but to stay with my daughter.

    Any words of support or suggestions are welcome. Advice would be great too. Thanks for reading =)
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