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HE said the wrong thing

  • On Monday afternoon on my way from work I got into anaccident where I T hit a car when. It was my right of way. I freaked out and immediately after moving to the side got out to see if the driver was OK. Oh he was but he was by rude belligerant and getting a little too close for comfort. Soon the police arrived and to make matters worse the driver of the other vehicle has no insurance on his car because he apparently got the car at an auction. The police made us exchange DL info and my I surancs info I have the dudes VIN# and his DL police made him give me his phone number because he is supposed to call me with his insurance info.
    So I call dh and let him know and he immediately asks if I'm okay to which I say physically yes but I'm shell shocked so I get home explain what happened and dh loses it saying all women are crappy drivers I pretty much told him to go to hell. So Tuesday I'm had an anxiety attack and I couldn't go to work so I stayed home and tried to calm down dh gets home and we try to calmly discuss how it all happened and we argue again and again he spits out women suck at driving. So I'm upset bc 1. The guy hasn't called me and he got irate and violent every time I tried taking pictures of his car damage even when the police got there. So idk what to do. Any advice is very welcomed.
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