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  • What is Work It, Mom!?

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    Work It, Mom! is an online community and resource for working moms. It is a place to connect with other working moms, share ideas, suggestions, and advice about juggling work and family, and find useful resources for everything from living on a budget to making quick family dinners.

  • Who created Work It, Mom!?

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    Please click here to learn more about our team.

  • Why should I register with Work It, Mom!?

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    Registering with Work It, Mom! and becoming a member of our community allows you to write member notes (similar to journal entries), publish articles, ask and answer member questions, post comments on articles and interviews, create and join groups, and participate in discussions. Becoming a member only takes a few minutes and it's absolutely free. To become a member, please click here.

  • How do I tell my friends about Work It, Mom!?

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    We're glad you asked. To invite your friends to Work It, Mom! please use our quick email form. You can find it by clicking here.

  • What guidelines does Work It, Mom! have about member behavior?

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    We ask that you respect fellow members and behave in a way that is consistent with being part of a supportive community. If you post something that we judge to be inappropriate or offensive, we will promptly remove it from the site. We do not allow spam anywhere on Work It, Mom! This means that you cannot post product or work opportunities on forums, groups, or anywhere else on the site. We do not allow spam anywhere on Work It, Mom! This means that you cannot post product or work opportunities anywhere on Work It, Mom!, including in your member notes or group discussions. If you do this, we will de-activate your member account.

    If you see anything on the site that you do not think is appropriate, please let us know by using the Report Abuse link at the bottom of the screen. If you find an inappropriate comment, you can report it to us by clicking the link that says Report This.

    You may not use Work It, Mom! for any unauthorized purpose.

My Profile

  • I've forgotten my password. What do I do?

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    Please go to this page and click on the link that says Send my password to me. Your new password will be emailed to the email account that you registered for Work It, Mom! with. Please check your spam folder as some email programs have very strong filters.

  • Can I change my username?

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    Once you choose a username, it's yours forever. Please select something that you will remember well; the username is what you will use to sign in to your account at Work It, Mom!.

  • How is my display name different from my user name?

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    Your display name is the name by which you will be identified everywhere on Work It, Mom! This is your public name visible to other site visitors and members. Your user name is the name with which you sign into the site once you have registered.

  • How do I delete my account with Work it, Mom!?

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    If you find that you can't participate in the Work It, Mom! community as frequently as you'd like, we'd be happy to keep your account activated so you can check in whenever you have time; there is no need to delete your account. However, if you'd like to delete your account, please go to My Account » My Profile and click on the link next to Delete Account.

  • How do I change my display name?

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    Go to My Account » My Profile and type in whatever display name you prefer.

  • How do I change my password?

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    Once you are signed in to the site, you can change your password by going into My Account » My Profile.

  • How do I change my photo?

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    Once you are signed into the site, you can change your photo by going into My Account » My Profile and uploading a new photo.

  • How do I change my answers to profile questions?

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    Once you're signed in to the site, go into My Account » My Profile and click on any of the tabs at the top to change your answers to any of the profile questions.

  • I don't want to get emails from Work It, Mom!. Is there a way to opt out?

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    Absolutely. Please go to My Account » My Profile » Privacy and you will see an area at the bottom called My Messages. If you set it to private, you will not receive email notifications when a member leaves a comment on your Work It, Mom! profile page, sends you a message, or answers a question you post. (You will continue to receive these messages to your Work It, Mom! Inbox and can check them whenever you like.)

    Please note that to unsubscribe from our Work It, Mom! Newsletter you'll need to click the unsubscribe link that is prominently displayed with every single copy that we send out.

Networking With Friends

  • How do I meet other moms on Work It, Mom!

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    The best way to meet other working moms is by getting involved in the community. Check out member articles and leave comments. Join groups and participate in discussions. Ask and answer questions in our popular Q&A area. Write a brief member note and introduce yourself. Comment on other member profiles and member notes. If you want to invite any member of Work It, Mom! to be a friend in your network, simply click on Invite to Your Network button in their profile and send them a note.

    Work It, Mom! is a very supportive and welcoming community. Don't be afraid to jump in and get involved!

  • How do I send a message to friends in my Work It, Mom! network?

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    If you go to My Account » My Messages and click on the Compose a Message button, youll be able to send a message to your friends on Work It, Mom!

Member Notes and My Day / My Life To-Do List Modules

  • What are Member Notes?

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    Your notes are like journal entries. You can make them about anything you like and choose to make them Public (visible to everyone on Work It, Mom!) or Private (just for your network of friends on Work It, Mom!). To write your note, simply go to My Account and start typing in the My Notes area. You can always edit your notes, if you like, by going to My Account » My Notes.

  • What are My Day and My Life To-Do List modules?

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    As a busy working mom we know you dont have a lot of time for yourself. So weve tried to come with ways to help you squeeze in some "me" time by reflecting on your day and what youd like to do with your life. Check out these great tools by going to My Account.

Q&A, Forums and Comments

  • Can I ask and answer questions, join a group, or leave comments on member profiles, notes and articles if I am not a member of Work It, Mom!?

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    At this time, you have to join Work It, Mom! to participate in our community by posting questions or comments. Joining Work It, Mom! only takes a minute and its absolutely free.

  • Can I comment on articles or interviews if I am not a member of Work It, Mom!?

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    At this time, only members can leave comments on the site or answer questions from other members. To comment on an article or an interview, just click Leave a Comment and type your comment in the comment box.

  • What are Work It, Mom!'s guidelines for posting notes, questions, or comments on the site?

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    Please be respectful when you post a note or a comment anywhere on Work It, Mom!. There is room for disagreement, but we will not tolerate personal attacks or inappropriate comments.

    Please do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS when posting on the site or post the same thing more than once. Be polite and talk to others as you would like them to talk to you. Strong opinions are welcome and encouraged, but please be respectful to other members. Work It, Mom! reserves the right to remove any post or comment if we find it inappropriate or offensive. We do not tolerate any type of SPAM and please do not use group discussions, Q&A, or Member Notes to advertise products or services.

  • How do I report an inappropriate comment?

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    Click Report This next to the comment you find inappropriate and it will be forwarded to our editorial team for review.


  • Who can submit an article to Work It, Mom!?

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    Any member of Work It, Mom! can submit an article or a personal essay to be published on the site. In fact, wed love for you to do it!

  • How do I submit an article?

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    Once you are signed in as a member, please use our online submission form to submit an article.

  • What are article tags?

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    Tags are keywords that help people search for articles on Work It, Mom!. For example, if you write an essay about coming back to work after taking time off, your tags could be: returning to work, working full-time, working part-time, and so on.

  • What are Work It, Mom! submission guidelines?

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    Please click here to read our detailed submission guidelines for articles.


  • Who can create a group on Work It, Mom!?

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    Any member can create a group based on common interests, location, industry, work situation, or anything else.

  • Can I join any group on Work It, Mom!?

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    If a group is designated 'Public', any Work It, Mom! member can join. If the group founder designates it a 'Private' group, you have to have an invitation from one of the group's members in order to join.

  • How do I post a message to my Group's members only?

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    Each group has a dedicated discussion area where members can post comments visible only to other group members.

  • Who can upload photos to the group?

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    Any member of the group can upload photos.

  • I've created a group and now I'd like to edit some information about it. How do I do this?

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    Go to My Account » My Groups » Edit Groups I've Created and you can edit the group description, title and upload a photo for the group.

  • Have a question we've not addressed?

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    Get in touch with us using this simple contact form and we'll get back to you just as soon as we can!