Mom Interviews

Cathy Rosen

Senior Equities Trader

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Best thing about your job: The excitement of the market and doing something for a living that I truly enjoy.

Most challenging thing about your job: Keeping up with all of the changes in our business.

What is your childcare arrangement and how happy are you with it?

We have a nanny who started out with us as a baby nurse. She has been my son’s main babysitter from his first day home from the hospital. She works five days a week, from 8 am to 6 pm or so. She typically leaves when either I, or my husband, come home from work. We do ask her to stay one, possibly two nights a week if we go out after work and stay out past 8:30 pm. We are very happy with her.

What does your husband do? How do you split up your domestic responsibilities?

I am very fortunate to have married a truly great guy whom I can always count on. He is a business manager at a Wall Street firm and is involved with trading the market. We have approached parenthood as a team effort.

But of course there is a "mommy" thing that fathers just cannot compete with. Even if my husband makes a great effort to help, most times our son wants his mom. Of course I cherish this, but it does make it difficult to juggle at times.

My husband and I both get home most nights between 4:30 pm and 6 pm. We usually have dinner together as a family. One thing we have always done to help us feel as though we are not missing anything is give our son a late bed time. Most weeknights our son will go to bed around 9 -10 pm, so we can spend up to 5 hours together each night. We have playtime, TV time, reading time, and sometimes a bath time, if he hasn’t taken one in the morning. It is our favorite time of the day.

What is, for you, the most challenging aspect of being a professional mom? What is your favorite part about it?

I think it’s the lack of “me” time. For example, it took me weeks to sit down at my computer for a period of time long enough to do this interview. It is as if every minute of every day is allocated to a task and I don’t have a lot of quiet time.

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