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Pamela Liebman

CEO of Corcoran Group

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CEO of Corcoran Group

Pamela Liebman is the CEO of Corcoran Group, the largest residential real estate firm in New York City. Pam has had a fabulous career with Corcoran, where she spent over 20 years. She is a mom of two daughters who are now 8 and 12 years old. Read Pam’s interview to learn how she balances a demanding job with finding time for her family, how being a mom has made her a better manager, and why she does not feel guilty being a working mom.

Can you tell us a little bit about your job – what does it entail, how long have you been in this industry and position?

I joined Corcoran when I was 23 years old. At the time, Corcoran had only 30 employees. Now, Corcoran is the largest real estate company in New York. We have offices in Florida, the Hamptons, and New York. As the leader of the company I’m in charge of the strategic direction of our business, constantly working on being better at what we do. We are very service-driven and focus on our clients and brokers. My mission is to always have an incredible working environment for our employees. I always say that we’re Avis, not Hertz. We never want to be complacent, always want to be improving. Stay fresh, hire great people, never be complacent. This is what I focus on.

Can you briefly describe your usual day?

My days vary and I don’t really stick to a strict schedule. I usually try to work out in the morning and then have breakfast with my younger daughter. She goes to school at 8:30 am. My older daughter is very self-sufficient. She leaves for the bus stop after my younger daughter. At 8:30 am I get in the car and commute to work. But my work day starts as soon as I get in the car – I have finished seven or eight calls by the time I get to the office. My day at the office is filled with meetings, calls, more meetings. My assistants keep me very organized and I rely on them a lot.

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