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Jill Bohrer

Education Services Project Manage for Apple Inc.

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Education Services Project Manager

Jill Bohrer is an education services project manager for Apple, Inc., in New York City. She is also a mom of a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter. In her interview she talks about some of her strategies for separating work and family life, as well as finding extra time to spend with her daughter, what work/life balance means for her, and the one area of parenting where she goes against the experts to make her life easier.


Can you tell us a little bit about your job?

I have been at Apple for 6 years. My job is to manage the process and teams of engineers and trainers wherever we implement technology in schools throughout New York City.


Can you briefly describe your usual day?

During deployment I am in the school early in the morning working with the Superintendent/Principal/Technology Director coordinating and ensuring that all goes smoothly. These days we distribute one laptop for every student and teacher throughout a middle school or high school and provide them with training and support. When I am not in a deployment, I visit with schools, people at the Department of Education - often from the office of Instructional Technology - or have internal meetings in our midtown office. Other days I work from home spending most of the day on the phone and doing email, prepare for the next large deployment, work with sales people, and manage an engineer who is in NYC schools every day offering support.


Best thing about your job: Working from home/working in education.

Most challenging thing about your job: Being able to separate work and home.


What is your childcare arrangement and how happy are you with it?

I have a wonderful full-time nanny. My daughter loves her and they have a wonderful time together.

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