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Member Close-Up: Uhura

Analyst for a US law enforcement agency

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Each week, we'll introduce you to another member of Work It, Mom! We recently sat down (at our respective computers) to chat with Uhura, who is a married mother of one who is "a firm believer in going green." 

1.) What do you do?

I am an analyst for a US law enforcement agency.

2.) How did you end up in your current career?

I started out in the US Navy in the field of laboratory medicine. Once I left the Navy, I needed a change -- so I went back to school for business. I completed a BS in Business Administration and then an MBA. I worked as an analyst for a government contracting firm for a few years and then I accepted an analyst position with my current employer.

3) What's your dream job?

My dream job is on one where I can use my imagination and teach/educate people.

4.) Tell us a few things on your Life To-Do List.

Expand my social circle. Develop my small health & wellness focused marketing business into something bigger.

5.) What's for you the toughest challenge when it comes to juggling work and family?
I have to be honest: I only have one child and I have a spouse who does his fair share of the child rearing and the domestic tasks. I don't feel like I am "juggling" at all!

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