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Mindy Roberts

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Mindy Roberts is a marketing professional and blogger, who authors a popular blog called The Mommy Blog. She also recently founded, an online collection of things our children say. She lives in San Jose, California with her three kids, who are 9, 6.5 and 5 years old. In her interview, she talks about how she got into blogging, what she likes most about it, and what she would do if she could afford to stay at home.

Are you working right now?

I'm looking for my next great gig!

What is your professional background?

For 12 years I was in grants management – I worked for the Packard family (of Hewlett Packard) and handled the financial management of grants. After 12 years it was time to go – the work environment was changing and I needed a change as well. I went to work at a software company, but after nine months, they lost their main client, so the company folded. My next job was as a community manager at Trusted Opinion. Over time, writing and blogging has become something that can go on my resume and can actually helped me get work.

What is your childcare arrangement and how happy are you with it?

My kids are in after school care and then I usually pick them up – I miss them, I can’t stand it.

What does your partner do? How do you share your responsibilities at home?

My boyfriend teaches computer science in middle school. He was a chef originally; I’ve put on like 20 pounds since I met him.

My ex-husband and I share taking care of our children 50/50; he lives 1 mile away. So I do get some free time, but I miss my kids when they are not here. My ex-husband and I like each other better now and we are friends. This is really great for our kids because they feel like we are both involved.

You’ve been a blogger for a long time. Can you talk about how you got into it and why you do it?

It was sort of accidental, I didn’t’ set out to do it.

When Dylan, my middle son was born, he had some serious health problems, and was in the ICU for a month. So I started to keep notes, but could not keep track of everything. In 2002 I started writing in a really primitive blog, then switched to Typepad, and then people started finding me. So that’s how The Mommy Blog was born.

After the company where I worked downsized I went through a lot of life changes and issues and it became like a soap opera on the blog. I think people were coming to see if I was still alive. Now that things in my life are a bit smoother, visitor numbers to my blog are down; I think readers like drama in my life.

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