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Interview with Manya Chait, VP of Public Relations with VistaPrint

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We have the great fortune this week to have been able to snare Manya Chait, the Vice President of Public Relations with VistaPrint, for an interview. Manya is also a working mother, married, who has very young daughter. She gives us a peek at her day, her surprising work schedule as a company executive, and how she pulls it all together. (Ed. Note from Jen: I just have to say, also, that I ordered my first business cards from VistaPrint two years ago, and I was over the moon about the quality. Also, I needed them FAST for a conference (we're talking less than a week), and got them.)

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your job -– what does it entail, how long have you been in this industry and position?

I am the Vice President of Public Relations at VistaPrint, an online design and print company. I’ve been here for a little over two and a half years and in public relations for nearly 15 years.

2. Can you briefly describe your usual day?

The day doesn’t start in my house until I get out of bed—my husband and daughter wait for me to get them moving in the morning. Someday I hope everything will get magically done wile I get to sleep in, but so far, no luck.

This is how it works. I get everyone up, get my daughter dressed and her teeth brushed, put breakfast on the table, make lunch and get her ready to go out the door with my husband who takes her to school. Then I get about 20 minutes to shower, dress and run out the door for work. I pick up my daughter at the end of the day, find some dinner on the way home or left overs in the fridge. We eat dinner as a family whenever possible. We do a bath and my daughter is in bed by 7:30. I sit for an hour or so with my husband then I’m exhausted and ready for bed myself. It’s a long day!

3. Best thing about your job:

Tremendous opportunity at a high-growth, successful company balanced with a great work/life balance.

4. Most challenging thing about your job:

Struggling to focus on my work when I know I have so many things to get done at home.

5. What is your childcare arrangement and how happy are you with it?

My daughter has been in pre-school for the past two years and it’s been fantastic for her and for us. She’s entering Kindergarten in the fall, so fingers crossed all will go well.

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