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Allyson Goldsby

Vice President of Marketing, Sony Pictures Television

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Vice President of Marketing, Sony Pictures Television

Allyson is a Vice President of Marketing for Sony Pictures Television. She lives in Manhattan Beach, CA, with her husband and two kids, who are 15 months and 4 years old. In her interview, Allyson talks about the ways she makes her life easier, why she doesn’t mind that her husband has not given their son one bath, and how her job is a great outlet for her creativity and energy. (And she drops some celebrity names along the way!)

Can you tell us a bit about your job?

I oversee the marketing functions for several syndicated, cable, and network properties. I do everything from producing promotional and sales materials, creating budgets, structuring merchandizing and licensing deals, working on website strategy and development, and managing and marketing events locally and nationally.

What did you do before coming to Sony?

I have been in the entertainment business for more than 16 years. I started this journey back in 1991, by landing an internship at Paramount Pictures. I was a business student at the Marshall School of Business, USC. During my junior year, I decided to apply for an internship at one of the studios in Los Angeles. I was the lucky one because my dear friend had married an editor at Entertainment Tonight, and as you say in Hollywood, I was connected!

Following my internship, I was hired as an assistant to the ET show marketing manager. A few years into this great job, I was promoted to assistant manager, and finally Director, before leaving Paramount Pictures to spread my wings. I landed a great job at DIRECTV, and the next ten months would be the craziest in my career yet! I spent that entire time on American Airlines, racking up 48,000 frequent flyer miles! At the time, I was curious about learning more about new technology, and what it would be like to market over 200 channel of engaging content. I soon realized that traveling all over the U.S. and working with 15,000 mom and pop dealers wasn’t all that great, and the new television frontier was really more about sales than engaging content and new exciting technology.

So, I set my sights back on the good old traditional television landscape and landed a job at Columbia TriStar Television Distribution, which soon became Sony Pictures Television. And that’s where I’ve been for the last seven years.

Can you briefly describe your usual day at work?

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