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Rachel Forrest

Freelance Journalist and Food Critic

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As professional moms we are constantly after finding that elusive work/life balance. Can you talk about what that balance means for you and ways – however small or big – you’ve managed to find it?

I’m not just a working mom; I’m a single, working mom, which is a different ballgame! I have seven evenings a week—my daughter is at her dad’s for two of them, and that’s when I try to do most of my restaurant reviewing. I try to be at home for four of the evenings and I like to go out with my chick friends. That doesn’t leave much time for dating, so that usually is the thing I put aside, which can get lonely! The balance comes from knowing what’s important and not taking on too much, which is something I have to constantly keep in check.

Imperfection is every professional mom’s friend. What are some things you are not perfect about?

I’m not perfect about keeping my house free of clutter. It does pile up sometimes. My desk is a mess!

We’ve all had them – describe your most trying/embarrassing/don’t-want-to-remember-this moment as a professional mom so far.

I used to work for a company that allowed people to bring their dogs to work. One day I had to bring my daughter to work (she was about six then) and the HR person started to give me a hard time about it (she wasn’t even acting up!) So I raised a ruckus about it, saying that no one should be able to bring their smelly dogs to work either! I was spitting mad and made a huge scene, but my daughter stayed.

How do you de-stress and relax?

I go out with my very supportive friends (who now that I’m thinking about it don’t have kids!), I watch movies, read, and travel. Since part of my job is going out to dinner, that’s also relaxing! And so is a good, rich Cabernet.

One thing that you have or do that makes your busy life easier: My friends are always there to help me out when I need it.

One thing that would make your life easier would be: A housekeeper and a handyperson. I can’t keep up with household things.

If you could afford to stay at home, would you still choose to work? Why?

I actually did have the financial opportunity to stay at home for a long time after I got a big nest egg from the internet boom, and I did so for about a year before I started going stir crazy. Having a very busy yet flexible schedule is good for me because I’m both professionally fulfilled and can be there for my daughter. I also do a lot of volunteer work, so I’d do that full time if I didn’t have a paying job.

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  • Rachel sounds like a fascinating person! I'd love to meet her. She seems to be approaching her life and her career in a thoughtful way.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Hillary on 5th September 2007

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