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3.) What's your dream job?

I actually have my dream job. It comes with challenges, and not all days are great, but most of the time I’m really happy and thankful to be doing what I do. I think “dream job” is a misleading term, because no matter how wonderful a job seems when you first start dreaming about it, when you’re actually in it, it is hard work. The success in a job that you love is much sweeter, though, than when you do something you don’t particularly care for. On good Creative Toyshop-days, I’m ecstatic. Not so good days get to me emotionally and I have to kick myself to get my motivation going again. However, I am somewhat of a drama-queen and I’m glad I’m getting all the drama I need from my job, not from my family life.

4.) Tell us a few things on your Life To-Do List.

Oh, wow, my life to do list is changing all the time. It used to be a long list with grand plans but I feel once I got a taste for some things on that list, my desire changed. It’s like the first time you are alone and you have a full box of your favorite cookies and you can eat the WHOLE box all by yourself. Well, half-way through the box, I was kind of done. Some other things on the list went the same way (the cookie-eating part was NEVER on the list, I swear): I used to want to have a big family with at least four kids -- but I’m really fine with my two kids and enjoy that I can work. I wanted to run a marathon, but after having done a fun-run in our community, I realized that I didn’t enjoy it that much after all. So, now I’m OK until retirement when I plan to travel to India and Asia (maybe), become a Weight Watcher leader, and some other cool things. I’ll do some of it, or I only get to a portion of it, hopefully I get to do these things with my husband and in good health.

5.) What's for you the toughest challenge when it comes to juggling work and family?

Food. Seriously. Food is a major challenge. I would like to work more while still making sure the kids and DH are happy and taken care of, but then there is the meal planning... One of my pet-peeves is healthy eating and planning for that is almost a part-time job. My regular work, the kids’ activities, the husband’s schedule, exercising, and constantly having to figure out what the h... we will have for lunch and dinner, I find that’s a real challenge.

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