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Ingrid Hoffmann, of the Food Network's "Simply Delicioso"

TV personality, cookbook author, and chef

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What can busy working moms do to make planning and cooking dinner more manageable?

I think that planning ahead is key. A little thinking ahead immediately helps you utilize your time more efficiently and you will spend less money having to buy foods on the go that end up not being nutritious. Every weekend, sit down and plan your menu for the week and utilize your downtime on the weekend to prepare food in advance for the week.  Remember to stock your pantry with key food items that will be a health, go-to snack for you. I always throw an apple or banana, almonds and a pint of milk into my lunch bag every day. That way, when I am in the car or in-between meals, I always have a wholesome snack I can feel good about. 


When I think of Latino food, I don’t tend to think of milk. How do you incorporate it into your cooking?

That’s interesting because traditional Latino food actually utilizes milk a lot in food preparation and cooking. As an example, one of the most traditional soups made in Latin America utilizes water, milk, eggs, and cilantro. History books tell us that Simon Bolivar fed this soup to all of his troops -- so most of South America was conquered on that recipe! Horchata, a drink that came from Spain that you make with rice, nuts or sesame seeds added to milk.

What’s the most challenging part, for you, when it comes to juggling work and life?

For me feeling disorganized is the worst. I keep myself organized by building lists every evening before I go to bed. I like lists because it helps me get everything out of my head and onto paper which puts my mind at ease and helps me to get a good night’s sleep. When I understand what is on my plate and have a game plan, I feel in control. Really thinking things through allows you to juggle everything.


You have so many wonderful projects on your plate. What do you do to relax?

Eat! I of course love to eat but I also meditate, exercise and spend time with my loved ones. For me, sharing food around the table and hanging out with my family is my perfect idea of happiness. 

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