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What helps you juggle work and family? What's your favorite quick stress reducer? Have you found a way to squeeze in some 'me' time into your busy schedule? Share your tips!

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  • "Never Say Die Attitude", lots of energy and positive thinking.

    by Pinal on 24th February 2009
  • A diaper emergency kit in my purse and in the glove compartment -- save your bread bags and a pack of almost-empty wipes, pack two diapers and the wipes into the bread bag and twist tie the top. You can use the bread bag to politely dispose of a smelly diaper. Voila -- Diaper 911!

    by relaxnsmile on 17th June 2008
  • A glass of red wine does wonders for me after a horribly stressful day.

    by Katie McLaughlin on 6th June 2008
  • A good stress reducer for me is blogging. Writing about whatever is bothering me helps me process what's really going on vs. how I feel about it. It helps me keep a cool head about things that might otherwise make me explode. I just have to remember to make posts about my family "private" so I don't end up accidentally making my life more stressful!

    by Amy @ Go Ask Your Dad on 27th October 2010
  • A night out with my girlfriends once a month is my real lifesaver. This give me the opportunity to tell a bunch of moms that truly understand about all the craziness that's been going on with work and the kids. By the time I'm ready to go home, I've gotten it all out of my system, shared a bunch of laughs, compared their stories to mine and realized I didn't have it so bad, and picked up a few pointers. I leave refreshed and ready to conquer whatever else comes my way.

    by Joy on 9th July 2008
  • Always bring your shades with you.

    by The Ipster on 20th August 2009
  • Always keep a business card in an easy-to-find place in your purse or laptop bag; slip another one into your coat or jacket pocket. If you accidentally leave these things behind while you're out and about -- or if someone takes yours by mistake -- it'll be easier for someone to return them to you!

    by Lylah M. Alphonse on 7th July 2008
  • Anyone who has tried to get a splinter out of a child's finger knows how hard it is. Tweezers are the hardest tool to use on a child that won't be still. How about trying to remove a splinter like this ....

    This works especially well with splinters that are sticking out of the skin, but it can also be used on those under the skin as well. Get a piece of translucent tape (Scotch tape, etc), place it over the splinter, and pull the tape up. Simple and easy. You can also use duct tape, but make sure to stick it to your jeans or shirt first so that it isn't so sticky.

    Another way to remove splinters without the use of tweezers is to take some Elmer's glue and place it on and around the area where the splinter is. Let it dry, and then have your child pull it off. The splinter comes out with the glue. Kids especially love this because the glue looks like they're peeling off their skin.

    by Tiffany M. on 28th June 2008
  • As a working mom from home I don't have the luxury of transition between work and home. What happens with work can affect how I am with my family at times. When I catch myself overreacting, I give myself the gift of a few moments of silence and reflection. First, I remind myself that my children don't really know or understand what happened before they got home that has put me in a "dark" mood. Then, I ask myself these questions: "Do I really like who I am right now? Is this the person I want to be?" "Am I being in the moment or am I still living in what happened five hours ago?" I tell my children that I had a tough day and I need a little time to ground myself. I take a few minutes off and remove myself. I may take a walk in the garden which instantly changes my perspective or I just step outside and take a few deep cleansing breaths. I drink some water. It takes less than 5-10 minutes and I feel brand new again and ready to re-enter.

    by Yota on 2nd December 2008