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  • [email protected]
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  • movie poster style birth announcements and invitation cards or [email protected]

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  • I saw that you're the leader of the group greenies. Just thought that I'd bring it to your attention that hardly anybody ever comments to posts and hardly ever writes any posts. I think people in the group (including yourself need to be more concerned about what's going on in environment and economy. So far I have yet to really see that. And actually to be precise the last I went to look at the article posted, every single recent one is from me. Is that the definition of being concerned about our planet? If so maybe I should have a different perspective on life.

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  • hi mamajama,
    Just visiting again and I read on your life's to do list you are thinking about new bedroom furniture. If you're interested in tropical styled, eco-friendly furniture, let me know. I sell this type of furniture. I also have bamboo bath towels and robes. Happy new year!

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  • Hi Mamajama, thanks for your kind words and nice welcome. I'm new at this stuff, so it may take me a while to get the hang of it. Thanks again and have a great day !

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  • Hi, Thanks for your comment on my blog. It is sure fun to see them in. :)

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  • Hi Mamajama! Thanks so much for the welcome! Looking forward to submitting some articles!

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  • Thanks for your message. I am still getting used to navigating this site, so it took me this long to learn how to respond to you! I look forward to reading more from you!

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  • Hi Mamajama,
    Wow, you are a very busy lady. And so young too. Well then I know you have the Hey I have been working at home for over a year now. Building my own home based business. If you would like to at least get the information to see if its for you then go to and click on "Hitch Your Wagon To A Star" fill out the contact form and I will call you and set up a time when you can watch the online presentation. You can watch it right from your computer. No pressure. No exptectations. Just free information.

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  • Thank you for your suggestion about the working wardrobe - even though i'm a mum now I do still love my clothes and try to be stylish some of the time! Hope that things are going well for you this week. xx

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  • Thanks for the greeting mamajama. I look forward to having more conversations with you as well as many other work it, mom's.

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