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  • Im pretty much in the same boat as you without the prestige of Vice President and the commute. Thank God I work 3 blocks from where my son is watched - but its by my mom who drives me insane. I am a Legal Assistant in a Bankruptcy Law Office in Michigan so you can pretty much guess that we are super duper going out of our minds crazy busy. I am the attorneys only employee and I do everything except go to court and give out the legal advice. I do all the prep, paperwork, talking with other attorneys and their assistants, etc. Its taken me this long to get the respect and semi-understanding that the boss is giving me now although its still not what it should be for having worked steadily for the last 4 years for this guy. I feel crazy about wanting to quit too and my husband works for the Electrician's Union, which is very unsteady work with the economy like it is right now. He's been laid off way more than he's worked in the last year and a half. He thinks Im nuts for wanting to quit to be at home and he also thinks its cuz Im lazy and dont wanna work.... which part of it IS that Im sick of the rat race and could better spend my time at home getting things done there and spending time with our son instead of pawning him off on family members so I can make a buck. Im also trying to figure out how I can bring in income from home and if and when I can do that, Im just quitting the job I have now. Just message me whenever you want if you need to vent - I feel this every single day.

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  • Welcome Evansmom!

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you! Please feel free to jump right into any discussions that catch your eye. Also, let me know if you have any questions about the site:). Here are a couple of great places to get started.


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