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What are some of your tips for staying organized as a busy mom?”

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  • This is an awesome new resource I found on Amazon:

    I loved some of the tips, especially taking "notes" with pictures on my phone.

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  • My PDA is my on the go keep me on track, 'bing' remind me to do , gadget. My husband & I run a business together - we have a white board calendar at the shop and everything is color coded. I update his pocket calendar once a week and my son , 7, knows what color on the calendar is his and knows that everything goes on the calendar. I use my Outlook calendar on my laptop for everything from business, personal & community. I email whenever possible and set reminders on my computer - it's on everyday anyways - it is a tool and I use it as such. I am considering switching to a iPhone or Blackberry but realistically I am technology challenged!

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  • I keep a calendar on hand. Whenever I did or need to do something, I write it down immediately.

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  • I put EVERYTHING on my Entourage calendar and then my blackberry will tell me where I need to be when. I also have made dozens of copies of the same typed up list that I have to physically check off every day before I leave the house - if I don't go through the list, I forget something every time.

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  • My calendar is color-coded. My things are green, Husband's are red, and my son's are black. Daughter? We keep up with her somehow.
    Grocery shopping? The Boys do that. I know, I'm lucky as can be. You can't have them.

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  • I have a magnetic, monthly whiteboard calendar on my fridge and we keep track of everything that's going on, right down to which recycling day is which. It's a great way for me to see at a glance what's going during the month.

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  • I have a bulletin board where I tack up to do lists and priority lists. I find that it helps to set out priorities and have them where I can see them easily (by my desk) so that I´m constantly reminded of what I ought to be doing.

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  • I use Outlook on my work computer and keep a family calendar at home with everyone's activities separated so we know exactly who has what and when. I keep track of as much as I can online since I can check that from both work and home.

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  • I keep a running grocery list on the side of the refrigerator.
    I pay most of my bills online.
    I try to do a little housework every night.
    When I make big meals, I freeze some for later.
    I keep a portable calender in my purse for appointments and such.
    I utilize my Outlook calender at work to remind me of appointments.

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  • I have to use my computer, my planners, my work and home calender. My husband and well I rely on all the reminder phone calls. Even with all of that I STILL have to call and cancel or reschedule or apologize for missing my appointments. Oh how simple life was before baby..but I would not trade it for the world!!!

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  • A shopping list (My spouse and I both use) , a National Geographic Calender (communicate my schedule to him), Post Its all over my computer monitor (to keep track of my start-up's different departments), online banking, online bill pay, online bulk purchases ....

    Hand Made cards for me to post communications to my husband. Each premade card list only one important priority that I post on the wall next to his chair e.g. "Send Invoices" "check bank Account" "order another case of diapers", "Order another case of baby food (variety pack)". I tried a few other ways of communicating but they didn't work...and he likes this one. because it is more like a pop up reminder than a nag. Each card also says do not remove until completed. I am surprised at how much he likes this system.

    We also have a shelving (with labels) system in the second bdrm where we store all our bulk purchases. This helps us stay organize because we can see how low we are on any one product, est. the amount of time left before next purchase, keep our accounts in order because they are big purchases, and it is one less trip to the store.

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  • There are a few things that are indispensable - online banking and my iPhone. I keep a calendar for my worklife and my homelife, and try to keep schedules simple - limit to only one or two evening activities per week. I also rely on a housecleaning service every other week. I have to be disciplined in keeping the house neat so that I don't have to "clean for the cleaners" and less really is more.

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