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What is an appropriate holiday gift for the childcare provider? Should it be monetary and if so, how do I decide how much? Is it acceptable to have my child pick out a special gift? Both? ”

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  • Given the guideline of one week's pay, I knew we should do something but really couldn't afford a full week, and then do you give it to all the teachers, or what? Our daughter's daycare center teachers are incredible, and often buy the kids books -- It made me think that they might like we gave them each a thoughtful letter of appreciation and $50 gift certificate for a bookstore.

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  • I've gotten homemade jams and jellies, etc., and loved them. I still have handmade ornaments on my tree from children I cared for years ago. But I'll admit it, when I was making low daycare wages, paying college tuition, and had two of my own under school-age, the cash and the gift cards were perfect.

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  • I am so happy to hear all the feedback here! It sounds like there really isn't a set rule. We do use an in home daycare provider and my little munchkin absolutely adores her, so we want to give her something special and let her know we appreciate her. At the same time, the thought of coming up with a lot of extra cash is a bit stifling... especially since we are already paying for several "holiday days" this month! I think we have settled on letting Kelsey pick out a gift and adding a cash bonus or giftcard. For the preschool teachers, we will give a personal gift and for the grade school teachers we will do books or giftcards to Borders.

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  • Love the flowering bulb idea! And Lylah, can I just pretend to be your child care provider? I have good references! As a former nanny and one who employs babysitters/nannies, I'm a firm believer in gifting. Cash in the holiday card is great and it depends on the amount of care. I will happily gift the nanny as much as she makes in a week. Ok, she doesn't make much and I've planned for this and have the money put aside. I know it's going to be greatly appreciated and will also make hubby and I happy. The other sitters we use occasionally will get cash in various amounts. They will probably get something homemade from the kids as well. Teachers don't expect the same and giving too much can often embarrass them. Homemade gifts or small gift cards to book stores are great.

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  • Our children are in an in-home daycare. Denerally we give the daycare provider a gift card for a local resturant. I think we did $75 or $100 last year. We will also give her a tray of cookies "from the children".

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  • I usually do small types of gifts for our daycare providers - we don't have a lot of money (daycare is expensive for 3 kids!) and our providers understand that. I usually stick with picture frames since you can never have too many opportunities to show off your kids anyway, but this year since our provider is a single mom with 4 kids, I think I may go for something a bit more practical, like a gift card to a local restaurant. I'll probably stick with picture frames for their teachers at school though.

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  • Our budget is really tight this year, and so I'm making gifts for my family, neighbors, and the daycare providors. I mean food gifts -- I love canning and preserving and baking, so I do a little at a time over the course of several month (hey, if you do it right, jam doesn't need refrigeration and is fine a month or two later!). So the six women at the preschool/daycare will be getting homemade jam and chutney, along with a loaf of banana bread or lemon-poppyseed bread. I figure, one-size fits all, and even if they have plenty of it already,it'll keep... plus, my 3-year-old can help (or "help," as the case may be)!

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  • For our preschooler, we typically give a flowering bulb set. It's something they can appreciate/enjoy and our 4 yr old loves picking out "which color."

    For our babysitter, in home, we are planning to give her cash ($100).

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  • I did not give gifts when my kids were in a daycare center. When they were in a private/in home daycare I gifted the provider anywhere from $50 - $100 cash.

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  • I think we're going to do $25 gift cards for the teachers in my daughter's classroom. What I am not sure about are the directors - there are 2 at her preschool. I feel like we should get them something as well, not sure what amount...

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