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Are you crafty? Do you do any homemade gift giving?”

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  • One of the gifts we give to families most often is an idea I got off of the Rachael Ray show. I find that I always find recipes to cook but never have all of the ingredients. This solves the problem! We take a plain brown paper bag, decorate it with stickers related to the occassion and fill it with the ingredients and attach the recipe and a gifttag.

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  • ooh, Kim..I'm all over that cranberry/orange vodka mix. I'm going to make it tonight!

    I make gifts (VERY simple) for neighbors and friends--things like hot cocoa mix, or year I did flavored barbeque sauces. There's tons of simple recipes out there for gift giving. This year I'm doing apple bread with cinnamon butter.
    I like making/receiving these kinds because it's a simple, low cost way to recognize someone special-without all the obligation/guilt around spending/shopping etc.

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  • When the children were little, we always made their gifts. I came up with the idea, provided the materials, and supervised - but I did NOT make anything for them! One of the things we did for several years was to use a Milk calendar (do you get those in the States? just a freebie calendar with big glossy pages and recipes using milk). I have three children, so they were each responsible to make four pictures. We tried to do them in as many different styles as possible: crayon drawings, painting, collages, stained glass (with wax paper and crayon shavings)...

    Then we would replace the pictures in the calendar with the childrens' art work. The grandparents and the elderly neighbour looked forward to their calendar each year. It was probably my favourite craft.

    If you were methodical, and kept crafts from over the year, you wouldn't have to make them all at once, you'd just be able to collate them. I was never that organized...

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  • I've always loved giving homemade gifts, I think it's more unique and is made with love. Every year my kids used to make homemade ornaments to give to their special people and for our own tree. They would do that while I working on my own craft projects to give as gifts. I haven't done this in a couple of years now and to honest I really miss doing it so I'm making plan for next year's projects.

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  • I really really want to get into the habit of making gifts again. For years it was a tradition in our family - to always make something for an occasion. I've totally slacked off this year - but have made a promise to myslf to get back on track. I've not made gifts, but things like collages, hand-made cards, etc.

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  • i am attempting to make truffles and some a 'bark' that is basically llike one huge turtle turned into a bark LOL love it!! SO that's what i have planned for my friday off! i think my days of stamping wrapping paper are kinda over... (for now anyway)

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  • Yes, I am and do make gifts. I am making decorating small trees. I also paint Christmas Bulbs. I make cakes, cookies. I also take white wine and cranberry sierra mist and fresh cranberries and put it in a pretty jar. I also take cranberries and put them once around the food processor and a gresh orange cut into quarters. Add 2 cups of sugar to the mixture. Along with that you add a bottle of unfloavored Vodka. I let it set a week bottle it up with glasses and containers from thrift stores.

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  • Not very crafty at all, but I am "cook"y. I make a lot of edible gifts for my friends and family...

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  • No, I am not crafty. Yes, I am making some homemade gifts. I am doing some jar gifts and spice rubs to go with store bought gifts. I was looking to have nice gifts on a budget, so I thought that would help.

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