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Is 3 months too young to have my baby in a daycare? I am enjoying being back at work, but when my baby suddenly relaxes at the sight of me, I start to wonder if she is stressed all day away from me and if this will cause long term issues for her. I have nursed her 100% and I am pumping and she is still 100% on breastmilk, but she is struggling to take the bottle and not eating as much the days she is in daycare. Does anyone know how long it might take for my baby to warm up to the bottle? I know there must be studies out there about the effect of early daycare and working moms, but does anyone know generally what they say? I appreciate any support and information sharing. Thank you!!!”

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  • As far as babies warming up to the bottle, they are all different. All four of my kids took it at different stages. In fact my youngest never took it. I just nursed him until it he was a year old and then he switched to a cup.

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  • My son was in at 2 months. I think that the kids adjust better than the parents. My son is crazy social and loves his friends. He has had some friends since he was just a few months old and he's 3.5 now. However, we searched and searched for a good place, which can make a difference. We were willing to pay more for that. There were only 4 kids to a caretaker and each caretaker had her own room equipped with cribs, changing tables, etc. They would also go to the park and be sat in either bouncers or whatever was age appropraite at the time. My son loved it. He had lots of fun, in fact, lots of people would tell me that he sold them on the facility when they toured it because he was so happy there. I think that as long as there is nothing strange going on there and the place is clean and the people are keeping the baby occupied that she will relax and enjoy it.

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