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How much did money have to do with your choice of job or career?”

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  • When I saw the description of my position I had the feeling of "This is my dream job!" When I interviewed salary never came up and when I was offered the position I took it first w/o asking about the salary! SCARY RIGHT? I wanted the job because it was so me! I got the job and the salary is great! WHEW!

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  • Very little. I had left a great job for the opportunity to stay home and care for my daughter. I found out I wasn't completely satisfied being a stay at home mom, nor did I want to give up being home with my daughter. I finally came across a solution to start my own online business - - that has worked out great! I can keep a foot in the nutrition world while still staying home to care for my (now) two girls:)

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  • I refused to bear my husband a child unless I could stay home, so we sacrificed my salary. However, I wasn't making a heck of a lot anyway! Neither of us has much ambition career-wise, and we don't travel and have modest needs, so we get by well enough on my husband's salary. Peace of mind, mental and physical health, and life at home far outweighed any benefits a big, money-making career would have for us.

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  • Right now it had everything to do with it. I used to be a sales associate for a large accessory company and also for an even larger body store. But I wasn't working as many hours and the pay was definately smaller. So now I'm a security officer at a mall. Pay is better and its full-time. I'm a single mother... Money i smore important to me right now.

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  • It didn't have much to do with my initial choice to be a lawyer but it has a lot to do with where I am now and where I will be next

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  • Not much. I needed something I could do that would allow me to homeschool my youngest. I work with the Pampered Chef and it allows me to make my own schedule so it's good for now.

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  • Not much at the start. I always knew I wanted to be in the TV Biz, so for 15 years I have. The LEVEL is where it gets tricky. I could have stayed in NYC and climbed super high on the 'ladder', or move my career to where I live, CT - drop the commute, drop the huge salary- and be a great mom who is home each night and spends mornings with the kids. ( guess which one I chose).
    Funny thing though, I want a new career altogether now. Now I know what I was meant to do. So really, money is holding me back. I cant afford to drop my job and start my own biz. That is a dream for now.

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  • Not at all -- I was one of those freaky kids who knew what she wanted to do before she even got to college, so I started working on my career when I was still a teenager.

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  • When you have children - money is always a factor. I didn't have children when I chose my career and the money was attractive, but as soon as I had children my time was more of a premuim to me and no matter how much money I wanted - time was always the thing to fight for. The money comes if you know how to negotiate with employers. But time, time seems to always be the challenge for people with children.

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  • Initially, not much of a factor early in my career. As I climbed the ladder money had everything to do with why I stayed.

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  • I spent some years in my early adulthood working for meager salaries in non-profits (I got a non-clinical MSW). Double whammy was that husband, who worked as an editor for a tiny, family owned publishing co., was making even less than I was, if you can believe that. When we reached the point where it was time to start a family, I changed careers to programming in large part b/c we felt it would have been too difficult to survive with such a low combined income. Wasn't the only reason, but it was definitely a biggie. - Paula.

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