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What is everyone getting for the moms in your life for Mother's Day? (yes, I still need ideas:)”

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  • A friend of mine sells Arbonne and I'm buying some feel-good products for our moms.

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  • I always give potted flowers. I get a plain pot, let the girls decorate it, and then pick out and plant some sort of flower. Usually an impatien or vinca. Except my grandma, she always gets a tomato plant. My aunt actually managed to keep her first impatien alive, but usually the pots get cleaned out and become catch alls for different rooms in the house.

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  • My mom is an accountant so I got her a beautiful leather work bag. It has multiple pockets (one section is like a purse, it has a cell phone pocket, space for pens, etc.) and a separate section for carrying a laptop. I really like it and I hope she does too.

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  • I'm framing a scrapbook page of the grandkids (mine and my brothers...) and then (in theory) I will send her a new page a few times throughout the year so she can always have new photos "on display" in her house. It turned out really cute.

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  • I ordered my mother a mug and calendar that I put together off of I have a relatively new baby so this is a first time gift for her. You have probably done this already..

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  • I have no idea what I'm getting my mom! And I'm freaking out about it a little bit, at this point! I need to hear those ideas too.... : )

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