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Hi everyone, I'm new to forums so please forgive me if I don't know the protocol. I was wondering if this is a place where I could ask some survey type questions? I need to do some research. I am a Women's Coach and am looking to niche more into coaching working mothers. I would be really grateful for any comments about the challenges you as working mothers experience, and the sort of things you would love some help with. For example, How to de-stress, find time for yourself, overcome the guilt etc. If this is not appropriate, could a moderator please get back to me? I would love to know how I can do this sort of market research. Thank you”

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  • I know that you can easily, and for free, make a survey on it'll provide you with a link once you've finished all the questions and everything so you can post it on sites like this if you want to get people to take your survey. I had to do it recently for a class I was taking. :)

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