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Hi everyone. I am a mother of 2, one will start kindergarten next week and the other turns 2 in 3 weeks. I work full time. I have lived in my area for almost 2 years and have no friends. The people I call friends do not live close to me and I don't see nearly enough. I work full time but really would love to set up play dates and meet other working moms who understand my hectic schedule. Suggestions?”

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  • I am in the exact same position as you. I've not had much success with scheduling playdates and socializing with other moms. But My husband and I try to schedule regular date nights (with out kids) If you're single I suggest a regular ladies night. I used to do a game night with our friends who would bring their kids, or maybe have friends over after kids go to bed for a quiet game night. I really only reach out to people I work with or at our church. And I let the kids socialize with other kids at school, church, and playgrounds

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  • Have you tried meet up groups? When I moved it was a great way to meet people :)

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  • When I moved last year, I just made sure I met some moms at the Kindergarten door. That worked really well with playdates. I also went on the first field trips and then asked my kids who they wanted a play date with. Give it a little time but that works well. Are you able to drop off kids?

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