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Are there any women out there who have been both students and moms at the same time? And if there are, how did you do it - and how was it? Hello, by the way - I'm Laura and I'm brand new to Work It, Mom! =) I'm looking for those of you who have pursued graduate studies while having kids. I'm thinking about starting a Master's degree in Psychology in the Spring of 2014, but my husband and I also want to start trying for kids by the end of 2014. (I'd wait until after I had kids, but I have great momentum now and want to get accepted into a program before babies happen!) =) I'm lucky in that I won't need to work while the kids are young and I can concentrate 100% on my kids and school during that time, but I'm so afraid of what lies ahead! I guess my goal here is to find a little advice and/or moral support. =/ Thanks, everyone! So excited to be a part of your community!!”

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