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10 Gift Ideas for Working Moms

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(Moms -- email this article to your family or friends! Subtlety is overrated when it comes to gifts!)

It’s no secret that what working moms really want for the holidays is a whole day to ourselves, to do what we want instead of what we have to, someone to cook up healthy and fresh dinners and clean up afterwards, and a few extra (uninterrupted!) hours of sleep a day. But in the spirit of keeping it real vs. dreaming, here are 10 great gift ideas for that very busy, very tired, but very wonderful working mom in your life:

  1. A great looking organizer. Every working mom needs to stay organized, so help her do it in style. How about this brightly-colored agenda from Kate Spade or an ultra-useful organizer from Whomi, made especially for multi-tasking moms.
  2. At-home date night. Any working mom will enjoy a fun date night, but you don’t have to leave the house to do it. Instead, create a home date night kit. But a few of her favorite movies (you can also easily rent them online using Netflix.com), some great popcorn as well as her favorite drinks and snacks, and put it all together in a basket or a gift bag. Mark your date night on the calendar to avoid interruptions and as a bonus, take over the bedtime routine duties that night.
  3. Makeup grab-bag. Working moms love to look great but often don’t have time to shop for makeup. Check out this great option from Sephora.
  4. A tea set to calm the nerves and catch her breath. Tea has all kind of health benefits and taking a few minutes to enjoy a cup of tea might be exactly what a stressed out working moms needs. Check out this great set from Adagio Teas—it looks as great as the tea tastes!
  5. Spa kit. A gift certificate for a day at a spa is a great idea for any busy working mom, but not everyone has the time to actually go. Instead, how about an at-home spa hour? Buy a great spa-kit, like this one from Bliss, set up some candles in the bathroom, and most importantly, get the kids out of the house for an hour or two. We know of no working mom who is not going to hug you a hundred times for a gift like this.
  6. Commuting soundtrack. Many working moms spend hours a day commuting and from work—how about a boxed CD set to help make this time more enjoyable. Amazon.com offers up some great options.
  7. Digital photo keychain. Let her take her loved ones wherever she wants with a digital keychain. It's like a brag book that you can actually fit in your pocket.
  8. A new laptop. What working mom wouldn’t love this Inspiron laptop from Dell and in one of their new bright colors?
  9. Stylish laptop bag. Few working moms splurge on themselves but every one needs a great laptop bag to carry her laptop and other daily necessities. Here are some of our favorites.
  10. A year's worth of housecleaning services. OK, a month's worth. Once a month for a year. Whatever -- just have someone else wield the damn vacuum around the house for a bit.

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  • this is a great list! i so want that bag!!!

    other things would be a massage gift certificate or (my favorite) starbucks gift certificate to be shared with a girlfriend AND someone else watching the kids... ahh focused friend moments over yummy coffee is a rarity!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 17th December 2007

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