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What New-Moms-to-Be Should Ask at the Hospital

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Last, but not least, The Tattooed Mommie offers some universal advice for first-time mothers-to-be: "In all honesty, listen to your gut. Don't sweat the small things and don't let this stress you out. It's going to be something you'll remember forever, regardless of how prepped you are."

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  • Great list of questions! I'd also add asking about Rooming In and how and when your baby is expected to be in the nursery vs. with you.

    And, ask what the discharge policy is. The hospital I was at made all new moms attend a "Post Natal Baby and Mom Care Class" which would have been fine, except I had two 25-week premature twins and none of the info pertained to me. It was just a horrible reminder of the fact that I was leaving my babies there.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kat on 25th January 2008