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10 Tips to Help Busy Working Moms Reduce Stress

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Want to bring your stress levels down a notch? Or do you actually have a spare moment (for once!) and want to try something new, to relax? Work It, Mom! members offered up some great ideas in several recent Q&As; we've highlighted the best of the best here.
  1. Taking a moment to take some deep breaths was at the top of nearly everyone's list. Nataly heard the advice from her doctor, and Mandy Nelson, who moonlights as a yoga instructor, has even taught her daughter the simple technique (read her member note about it!)
  2. Exercise fits the bill for many busy moms. While Lylah is trying to find time to do it, many members including Coach April hit the treadmill or the gym to work their stress away. Others, like Victoria, go for a brisk walk, and some members, like Jenn_Givler, crank up the tunes and dance.
  3. Alanaransley gets in her car and drives -- fast. "Cranking up the radio and driving fast are really exciting to me, and always put me in a good mood," she says.
  4. Taking a hot bath was another popular choice. Candles, wine, bubbles, and good music were optional, but highly recommended.
  5. Never underestimate the power of random silliness! "As much as it is to get caught off guard with something completely, unexpectedly funny, it also relieves stress to be that person for someone else!" Kate points out.
  6. We're all over the age of 21 here, right? So, grab a drink and unwind -- a glass of wine has heart-health benefits, and a nightcap with your friends can be a wonderful way to end a stressful day.
  7. Spend some time with your significant other -- just the two of you. What can you do to relax together? Well, among other things... "Really Good Sex. (You all know this is true... if we can find the time and/or energy)," Yes, Mommy Has To Work Today says.
  8. "I make time no matter what for pedicures and getting my nails done every other week," Christine Eisenman said. "It's 'mommy downtime' and I take a magazine and just relax in the chair and let someone else take care of me. " Other possibilities: Sleeping in (if you can), getting a massage, or closing the bathroom door and having a spa hour all to yourself.
  9. Do something creative. "I find that drawing simple doodles and sketches relaxes me, I guess maybe coz it calls for my concentration that all my stresses just fades away," Cynthia says. "I enjoy writing, so when I find the time for that, I feel rejuvenated!" adds Mary Davis.
  10. Take a little time for yourself. "[I] Close myself off in my bedroom and watch reruns of Sex in the City," Jess says. "Sit down with a good book, a warm blanket, and a steaming cup of something warm," Blair suggests. You could also catch up on your reading (online or otherwise), sign up for a class, have lunch with a friend or -- gasp! -- take a nap.

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  • I'm thinking of getting a blog for myself. I use one at University to keep all my information in one place - as I keep losing bits of paper. I'm more of a studying mom than a working mom but I seem to experience the same stresses

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by michelle on 11th July 2008

  • Oh, that's such a great point about a blog -- or a journal, for that matter.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 24th June 2008

  • Blog! It's a great creative outlet, a place to blow off steam about any particular subject, and a chance to connect with other moms. If you love to write, but haven't in a very long time, this is just the venue to help crank up the creative juices!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mommapolitico.blogspot.com on 21st June 2008

  • i love reading the compilation of great advice from other members - i totally forgot about my own comment and i needed to take my own advice today! here is to random silliness! yup, i'll drink to that ;)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 27th February 2008