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fun tips for first day (or week) of school

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First day of school is an exciting and nerve-wrecking occasion for kids, even if they've been through a few years of school. Here are some ideas for making it a bit more fun and special for them:
  • Have a small surprise ready. There's nothing like a little surprise to distract your kids from their nerves about starting school. And it doesn't have to be anything big. A new reusable water bottle with a design they will like or a fun keychain to attach to the backpack are just two ideas.

  • Involve them in the morning routine. How about asking your kids what one or two things they'd like to do as part of the morning routine? Perhaps it can be their job to get the milk on the table or they can opt to make their bed after breakfast instead of before. Helping them feel like they have a say in how to make mornings less hectic can actually get them to do it.
  • Leave a special lunchbox note. Even if your kids are in the mom-leave-me-alone stage, they'll love seeing a special note from you in the middle of their school day (even if they don't mention it).
  • Make a break-the-rules breakfast. Is there something your kids love for breakfast that you don't usually have? Yes, we mean that sugary cereal or chocolate-chip pancakes that are reserved for rare or special occasions. First day (or week) of school fits the bill, in our humble opinion.
  • Take a fun photo. First-day-of-school photos are special, but how about asking your kids to do something super silly? It will create a fun memory and help calm the nerves. Win!

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