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How to deal with school paperwork clutter

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School is back in full swing and with it, all of the accompanying paper. School notices, your kids' artwork, permission slips...you get the idea.

1. Deal with all paperwork immediately. It is easier to throw it in a pile on the counter but then you'll find that you missed signing your kids up for hot lunch/signing a needed permission slip/that your kids don't have school...today.

2. School notices.

Deal with any kind of paperwork as it comes in. Once it is in your hand, read it with a pen, circle dates or info that is relevant, then transfer the circled dates to the calendar. After that, put it straight into the recycle bin.

3. Kids artwork.

Some people take photos of each piece of art and then print them as a book. If photography isn't your thing, purchase a large rubber bin, toss the "favorites" inside andthen go through the bin at the end of the year to decide what needs to stay. You can then make a scrapbook ofyour treasures.

4. Have a cork board for the upcoming events. Extra-curricular activity notifications, school reading calendars, etc. can be pinned on a board in your kitchen to keep the current-but-not-recycleable-yet papers handy and visible.

5. Create a file folder with tabs for pending/long-term papers. The clutter of a cork board can add stress to the lives of those who dislike visual clutter. A file folder with tabs that relay the urgency with which items need to be dealt with.

6. Buy a storage box for each of your kids. Create a folder for each school grade and place the important keepsakes from each year into the respective folder. This is an especially great solution for those who don't scrapbook or dabble in photography.

7. Be ruthless. Yes, each and every creation from your child(ren) is a work of art. Do you need to keep every scribble they present you? No. Pick your favorites and recycle (photograph first, if you must) the rest. You'll be thankful five years from now.



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