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Finding Time to Exercise

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From New Year's resolutions to swimsuit-season goals, working out and getting in shape are high on almost every working mom's to-do list. The problem is finding the time! Work It, Mom! members offered a few solutions that have helped them.
  1. Make time. Lylah wrote a post about trying to work in a work-out at The 36-Hour Day, and readers responded with plenty of tips for how they manage to find time to stay fit. Some women wake up extra early to carve an extra hour or two out of their days; others swear by walking more often, even while at work (a pedometer can provide incentive to take the extra steps).
  2. Schedule your work out, just as you would any other important activity, can often help you reach your fitness goals. Don't think exercise is as important as your job? Become an instructor, and then you'll be earning money and getting in shape at the same time.
  3. Stay positive about it. You'll be able to find time more easily if you have a positive attitude, and know why you want to get in shape. It's not enough to think, "I need to fit into that swimsuit"; you have to want to do it. Focus on the positive thoughts associated with your goal, and eliminate the negative ones. Cathy Moxley wrote an article offering five ways busy moms can find time to fit in fitness, and Meri Raffetto wrote one on ways you can sneak exercise in to your schedule.
  4. Being pregnant shouldn't stop you from getting in shape. Tracey Mallett has some great advice about exercising during pregnancy, and Lindsay Brin, who produces fitness DVDs for moms, swears that it's possible to get fit post-partum.
  5. Exercise with your kids. If your child is taking swimming lessons, do laps while you wait. Watching their soccer practice? Walk around the perimeter of the field.
  6. Set up a home gym. Ramseyquipp works outside of the home 10 hours a day and wondered, "How do you squeeze in exercise -- for health and sanity?" Among your suggestions: Take a walk during lunch, or invest in equipment for your home so you can work out when you have a moment (exercise DVDs are a great alternative if you don't invest in a home gym). As Diane Lang points out in her fantastic article, if you can multitask, you can work out!
  7. Walk as often as you can. "Park further away in the parking lot," Jformanski wrote in a recent member note. "The extra walk and fresh air will do you good. Take the stairs at work or wherever you are, instead of an elevator or escalator. I try and get out for a walk with the family after dinner."
  8. Don't let the cold weather be a deterrent. Meri Raffetto wrote a great article about fitting in exercise during the cold winter months; her ideas are equally good now that spring is here!
  9. Consider interval training when you're at the gym. Some studies have shown that it may burn more calories more quickly. Can't get to the gym? Try isometrics at home.
  10. Enlist a friend to work out with you (or to hold you accountable). If you miss socializing with your buddies, having them join you for a jog -- outdoors or at the gym -- is a great way to multitask! Join the I Can Be Fitter Dammit! Group here at Work It, Mom!; you can share your goals and let other members help you stay motivated.

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  • All excellent tips! I've used quite a few of these to incorporate exercise into almost every day since Jan. 1. It really helps! I've lost 30 lbs so far.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Susan Wenner Jackson on 12th April 2008