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Tips for beating the winter blues

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It's February, which means that winter is almost over, and spring is almost here, but we're stuck in the grey middle ground. January and February are the hardest months for a lot of people, but there are things that you can do to help disperse the grey.

1. Exercise. Being physically active releases endorphins that lift your mood. Something as simple as a brisk walk (outdoors in the fresh air, if possible) can take the edge off.

2. Vitamins. So few daylight hours and so little sunshine can find you with not enough vitamin D, among other essential vitamins. Consult your Doctor/nutritionist to see what you need.

3. Eat good foods. It's easy to drown your blues in chips and ice cream, but those foods and their sugars and fats can make you feel even worse. Eat them in moderation, and fill the rest of your meals with foods that give you energy and nutrition.

4. Wear bright colors. We tend to wear dark colors in the darker months, but splashes of color can do a lot to lift your mood.

5. Lightbox therapy. Twenty minutes a day in front of a light box is reported to have have great effects on your overall well-being.

6. Take up a new hobby. Learning something you enjoy will brighten your days.

7. Plan a getaway. Whether it's a trip to Hawaii, or an overnight at a resort nearby, the change from your every day routine can do wonders for your overall mood.

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