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5 Mother's Day Craft Ideas

Quick tips for things your child can make for mother's day

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According to the results of our recent survey on what working mothers really want for Mother's Day, the gifts that most busy moms treasure most are the ones that their children make for them. Here are five ideas for fun and quick crafts kids can make for Mother's Day:
  1. Decorate a picture frame. You can make a cute frame out of practically anything, but unadorned wooden frames are available at most fabric and craft stores, and you don't need to get too fancy -- just let your little one have fun!
  2. Capture a moment in time. A plaster cast of your child's handprint makes a wonderful gift for mom. After all, in just a few years she'll be wondering if her kid really was ever so tiny. (It's less messy that you'd expect, too.)
  3. Make a bouquet of photo flowers. Regular flowers fade quickly, but these are sure to please for quite a while. (Photo from Kaboose.com.) There are plenty of free-print deals from online photo processors like Artscow.com, Kodakgallery.com, and Snapfish.com -- put them to good use!
  4. Give her a spa day at home. Our survey results showed that many working mothers would love half a day at the spa, but we have no doubt that all of them would adore a basket of Bath Ice-Cream Bombs made by their kids as well! (Too over-the-top? Scent and dye Epsom Salts and layer them in a pretty jar with a sea-shell for a scoop.)
  5. Don't feel crafty? Ask your children to list the things they love about their mom, and write them down on pretty paper for her to read (and re-read, over and over again).

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