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Working Moms' Pregnancy at a Glance

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Working moms are always short on time. Our lists make things a little easier -- just print and you're good to go!

The first trimester is all about taking care of yourself and letting others do the same.
  1. Choose your OB/GYN carefully -- they’re soon to be on your speed dial.
  2. Schedule your first prenatal visit and circle that due date on your calendar!
  3. Stop drinking, smoking and cut back on caffeine -- duh!
  4. Indulge! Try and get that extra hour of sleep, it will do you good and there won’t be time once baby arrives!
  5. Like broccoli and orange juice? Fabulous! You’ll need that folic acid, a good prenatal vitamin, and 8 glasses of water a day. (Hint: To offset nausea, try taking your vitamin supplements before bedtime.)
  6. Start scribbling. A pregnancy journal is the place to jot down your thoughts and changes in your body – it’s a great gift to yourself.
  7. Breasts! Yup, they’re getting bigger. Time to buy a good maternity bra.
  8. Massage? Lunch? Movie? Yes, yes, and yes! Let your husband, mother, girlfriend, sister, brother spoil you silly!
For the second trimester, you must prepare, prepare, prepare!
  1. Let the world know! Share the news with friends and family. (hint: don’t forget your employer. Brush up on your company’s maternity leave policy, too.)
  2. Develop your birth plan: Natural birth? Epidural? Doula?
  3. Pick your pediatrician -- you may even get a lollipop on your way out!
  4. Need childcare? Now’s a good time to check out your options.
  5. Get your living trust and will in order -- it’s not fun, but necessary.
  6. Time to retire your belly band and start shopping! You need maternity clothes and stylish fashions await.
  7. Create your baby registry. Everything from crib to stroller.
  8. Sign up for childbirth classes. Everything from Lamaze to lactation.
  9. Exercise! Prenatal yoga, Pilates or just talking a walk is a bonus for your belly.
  10. Get details  of your company's maternity leave and Family Leave plans. Depending on your situation, you might need to speak with your boss at this point and begin to plan your maternity leave and hiring or training a replacement, if necessary. (For more detailed information, check out our 20 Questions to Ask Your HR Department Before Going on Maternity Leave.)
The third trimester is time to nest and rest.
  1. Celebrate your belly -- strike a pose for some pregnancy photos!
  2. Birth announcements and thank you notes - you’ll want to order and address them early.
  3. Sign up for infant CPR class and have your infant car seat professionally installed.
  4. It’s time for your baby shower! Enjoy!
  5. Paint your nursery, be bold! Try pumpkin, grass or strawberry instead of the old standards.
  6. Got laundry? Now’s the time to wash all those adorable layette items and organize your nursery.
  7. Choose a name! Don’t tell anybody unless you want lots of opinions!
  8. Make spreading the news about baby’s arrival easier -- create an email/phone tree that includes your pediatrician.
  9. Eyeing that pricey but gorgeous diaper bag? Now’s the time to splurge! (Hint: Daddy could use one, too!)
  10. Pack your hospital bag! You’re ready, you’re set, now go have your baby!

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