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Crock Pot Favorites: 5 Great Slow Cooker Recipes

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We're always on the look out for healthy, nutritious meals that practically make themselves. A Crock Pot or slow cooker makes the job much easier! Here are a few of our members' favorite recipes and ideas:
  1. Short Ribs with a delicious homemade sauce.
  2. Chicken Curry with sweet potatoes and coconut rice.
  3. A Chicken Salsa dish that's so simple (and good!), you'll wonder why you didn't think of it first.
  4. Corn Chowder is great in the slow cooker.
  5. Pulled Pork for sandwiches (or just eat it in a bowl).

Hungry for more?

In our Busy Chef discussion group, you'll find recipes for things like Moroccan lamb and Hungarian Goulash, rotisserie-style chicken and a vegetarian ziti casserole, as well as vegetarian crock pot chili and slow cooker spare ribs.

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