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5 Ways to Keep Your Career on Track While You're on Maternity Leave

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While you're on maternity leave, it's important to make sure that you maintain a presence at your company. Here are five ways to do it while maximizing your time with your new baby:

  1. Use social media. Check in with colleagues on Facebook, update your profile on LinkedIn, and be sure to take advantage of networking opportunities presented by both. Once a week or so, take a look at the people on your friends' contact lists, and reach out and add a few of them to your own.
  2. Help out from home. Toward the end of your maternity leave, talk to your boss and offer to make a call, follow up with a client, send out a few emails, or do a smaller task or two from home. Even if your boss doesn't need the help, it keeps you on the radar and underscores your commitment to your company.
  3. Do lunch. Did you have lunch with a coworker regularly before you went on leave? Continue to do so while you're away from the office as well. Use the time to catch up on what's going on in the office, and encourage your coworker to let people know how you're doing.
  4. Freelance. Easier said than done with a small baby around, of course, but working on even one article or project while you're on leave can help keep you in the loop (and keep you on top of your game).
  5. Keep your resume current. Evaluate each item on your resume, update your accomplishments, clarify what seems unclear, and eliminate the clutter. Check out our five tips for revamping your resume for inspiration.

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