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Easy summer recipes

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Summer's back, so it's time to switch from roasts, casseroles, and soups and enjoy summer-oriented fare.

1. Grilled Pizza. Pizza is always a hit, but have you ever tried grilling it on the barbecue to get the wood-fired flavor? It's surprisingly easy.

2. Fresh Broccoli Salad. Broccoli salad is always a hit, whether you make it for your family or bring it to a barbecue.

3. Jerk chicken. Chicken grilled on the barbecue is fantastic and this Jerk chicken and jalapeno bread recipe from Jamie Oliver looks pretty fabulous.

4. Salmon burgers. This six-minute salmon burger recipe looks both easy and delicious.

5. Corn, avacado, and tomato salad. Make the salad, throw some chips in a bowl, and you have a great appetizer.

6. Tomato and basil finger sandwiches. Take advantage of both tomatoes and basil being in season and enjoy them paired togather.

7. Sangria. Summer nights are perfect for sitting on your patio, sipping the perfect sangria.

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  • All the dishes are yummy , i have tried Grilled Pizza , it tastes awesome... Thanks for sharing the recipes , will prepare some this weekend....

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by AnneShaw on 19th July 2012