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Father's Day Crafts for Kids: 5 Quick and Easy Ideas

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These quick and easy crafts are perfect for Father's Day, or any time you need a heartfelt, homemade gift for Dad.
  1. Does Dad have a green thumb? Make personalized cement stepping stones for him to use outside or in the garden -- you can find ready-to-use kits in most craft stores. (No time to shop for supplies? If you have rocks outside and paint in the garage, your kids can make a colorful paperweight for Dad's desk.)
  2. Dad probably already has plenty of ties; what he really needs is a way to keep them organized and easy to find. Modify a simple key holder by adding more hooks and transform it into a nifty tie rack to keep his necktie collection in sight (and off of the closet floor).
  3. Update those old photos on his desk at work by slipping some new ones into this great DAD picture frame. Martha Stewart even has a template for you to print out and use for this fast and easy-to-make craft.
  4. Decorate a T-shirt. Paint the bottom of your children's feet with fabric paint, and then have them walk across the front and back of a plain, white T-Shirt. Write "My Kids Walk All Over Me" on the shirt and you have a gift that's crafty, one of a kind, and probably true.
  5. Make sure his car smells great with homemade felt car fresheners. Scent them with a few drops of his favorite essential oil (no, there isn't a "new car smell" essential oil, but clove or cinnamon or even vanilla would make a fine substitute).

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