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You don't have to start your own company in order to work from home. If you're skilled at writing or editing, you may want to consider a freelance writing, copy writing, or pro-blogging career. Here are a few of our favorite online resources:
  1. Freelance Switch offers advice, a job board, and a great forum for freelancers to trade ideas and combat stories, among other things. Be sure to check out their resource page (their rate calculator and tips on setting your rates are especially helpful).
  2. Freelance Writing Jobs is part blog, part job board, part how-to adviser. Their articles on how to find the high-paying freelance jobs and where to look for freelance writing or blogging gigs are great resources.
  3. Mediabistro offers a plethora of writing courses, and if you become a member, you'll also be able to get the inside scoop on how to pitch your stories to specific high-profile magazines and how to tailor your pitches to fit particular niches, like food or travel writing.
  4. If you want to focus on professional blogging, Problogger has information on how to get paid to blog for others, job postings, and tips on how to turn your own blog into a money-making machine.
  5. The Golden Pencil and its 31 days of freelance writing tips should be must-reads for anyone who wants to earn money by writing from home.
  6. Work It, Mom's Mir Kamin, over at The Corner Office, offers some great tips for setting fees.
  7. Writer John Scalzi's post on Advice for New Writers About Money should be required reading for anyone looking to break into the freelance writing business, as should this great piece about taxes from Salon.com.
  8. Writerscafe.org is an online community for writers where you can share and get feedback on your work.
  9. Angela Booth's Writing Hacker offers fantastic advice for freelancers; be sure to check out her post on How to Write Fast to Order.
  10. Fab Freelance Writing offers information for freelance copywriters and writers as well as eBooks about boosting your writing career.

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  • This is totally a sign! I joined WIM when it first launched but became last active when I switched jobs. Tonight I just signed in again because I'm starting a freelance gig and figured this was a good place to find some good support and this was the first thing I noticed! Thanks for the great links!

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