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Quick Cleaning Tips for When You Don't Have Time to Clean

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No time to clean? We understand -- we're working moms, too. When you're juggling work and kids and dinner and laundry, keeping the house pristine sometimes doesn't even make it onto the to-do list. If you're not ready or able to outsource the housework, the experts at The Maids Home Services offer these great, quick cleaning tips for when you don't have time to clean:

Thirty seconds is longer than you think. In the time it takes to prep a bowl of cereal for the kids, you can:
  1. Prevent soap scum buildup in your shower with a few quick squirts of daily shower spray.
  2. Swipe the bathroom counter with a disinfectant wipe, clearing it of hairspray, toothpaste and soap scum.
  3. Shake out entryway rugs to rid them of excess dirt and minimize traipsing it throughout your home.
  4. Wipe the inside of the microwave. (This household staple is sure to see an increase in activity as you decrease the amount of time spent preparing meals.)

If you have two minutes, you can:
  1. Gather stray clutter into a laundry basket. (Just be sure to put everything away later -- after all, you can only hide so many filled laundry baskets in your hallway closet!)
  2. Sweep high-traffic areas, like the entryway or bathroom floor.
  3. Vacuum tops of ceiling fan blades and reduce the amount of dust swirling through the room.
  4. Eliminate ring-around-the-toilet, add a cleaning solution to the toilet bowl then scrub with a brush.
  5. Spritz the bathroom mirror with glass cleaner and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth.
  6. And, at the expense of sounding like your mother, make your bed.

Are you lucky enough to have won a time windfall? Use your five minutes wisely:
  1. Vacuum a heavily used area such as the living room.
  2. Start a load of laundry.
  3. Wash the bathroom floor. Clean-up is simple if you have already swept it during your two-minute hiatus.
  4. Wipe down kitchen countertops. You don’t want harmful germs finding their way into your food preparations.
  5. Sort through your pile of mail and toss the junk. Remember to shred and recycle!

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